Things to Remember when installing basement Drywall

Things You Need to Remember When Installing Your Basement Drywall

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Since the cost of living is rising, many homeowners are looking to expand the square foot of their home with a finished basement. Many people like to add basement drywall because these basement walls will give people additional space for their home. However, there are a few things people need to remember before they begin installing their basement walls.

To learn more about the essentials thins to remember when you install drywall, continue reading below.

Grab a Permit Before Making Major Changes to Finished Basement Walls

Depending on where you live, you may need to get a permit for your basement walls. This doesn’t need to happen if you are only painting the concrete walls, but if you are putting in wiring or plumbing, you may need to.

Even though many people will skip this step, it is essential that you don’t because if the authorities catch wind of it, then you may need to pay a fine.

Use the Right Wall Construction Materials for Basements

Building new walls inside concrete walls are the standard for getting your basement ready. There are many things people need to keep in mind when they are looking to complete their drywall installation. Also, many people will hire a professional to finish certain aspects like the flooring or basement ceiling.

Do Not Forget About Making Allowances for Pipes and Wires in New Walls

Wall and ceiling panels should have allowances made for any wiring or piping that must be completed. Depending on your local building codes, you must determine how many outlets you can install. Typically, people will run the wiring through ceiling joists above the wall before dropping the wire between wall studs.

Existing pipes inside the concrete walls should be left alone, and the new wall should be built with the pipes in mind.

Always Double Check Your Walls for Imperfections Before Constructing

Even professionals don’t have perfect drywall panels, so people should not think theirs will be. Before completing drywall installation, every person should ensure that the walls, floors, doorways, ceilings, and corners are perfect.

Making these adjustments will help when finishing basement drywall because it makes the whole process smoother, and people do not need to repeatedly stop or change the walls once they have been put up. Taking time to double-check the walls before beginning is a great way to ensure that they are perfect and that the installation process will be smooth.

Moisture Resistant Walls Can Help with Mold Growth

Many people may not consider how their basement will become a breeding ground for mold and mildew. That is why people should remain vigilant when it comes to stopping it from happening. When picking out paint, make sure to pick paint and primer that has mold-killing properties. Some paints will help kill mildew, mold, and bacteria on the walls.

Additionally, when painting in general, every person should use painters tape to make sure that the edges and the corners are done correctly. This will give you a cleaner look.

The Basement Needs to Be Dry

Speaking of painting, the basement needs to be completely dry before people install their walls and before they begin painting. There are many tests that people can do to ensure that the basement’s concrete walls are dry. If there is condensation, there would be a moisture problem in the room.

Depending on how bad the moisture levels are, the solution may be quick and easy. Some people may only need to roll on a coat of masonry sealant before they paint their walls. Also, there are steps that people can take to try and keep water away from the foundation.

Lastly, if there is a lot of water in your basement, you can hire a sump pump to help move the water in your basement outside. This is perfect for those that have standing water from any floods or leaks.

Remember an Egress Window If There Is a Basement Bedroom

On top of remembering mildew-resistant drywall, people who are installing a bedroom in their own basement should remember to put it in an escape window. You should check with the local council to learn what size the window should be so that you can install the right one. This should happen before the drywall process begins because you won’t make a large mess in your new area.

Also, adding in a window means that there will need to be some construction on the outside so that there is enough space for the person to climb out of in an emergency.

Think About the Different Drywall Types

There are multiple different drywall types, which can be used for different reasons. Some drywall is better for a basement bathroom because it will help with moisture and mildew.

However, it may be different from the living space because that drywall may be more of your standard drywall sheet. Additionally, the drywall in the laundry room may be one that would help slow down fire if one were to begin. This may also be the same drywall used in the room with any electrical boxes.

Lastly, drywall pieces can be used for sound insulation, which may be perfect for those building a cinema or a studio.

Think About Studs and Where They Are in the Basement Ceiling and Walls

Wood studs and ceiling studs should all be considered when people finish a basement. This is because it will help with the insulation and durability of the boards. When someone is spending that much time and money on adding a square foot to their home, they should make sure that it is done the first time correctly.


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Basement Drywall work can be challenging, but it is worth it if you want to add square footage to your home. It is another way to change the feel of a whole house because you can create additional space for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

Completing a drywall project is a great thing to do because people will feel proud of themselves and their accomplishments after they are done.

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