4 Reasons to hire a Professional Drywall Contractor

Installing Drywall is not an easy task, even for avid do-it-yourselfers. If you are doing a major home renovation that requires drywall work, it’s better to hire professionals like Calgary Drywall Doctors. 

The pros at Calgary DrywHomeall Doctor have years of experience making precise measurements and straight cuts in addition to being careful with materials which will save money on wasted or damaged supplies during their process.

Here are some reasons you should hire a professional for your next drywall installation or repair job:

1. We bring our knowledge of drywall and insulation as specialized skills for you – our customers.

With years of experience in the industry, we can make precise measurements, accurate cuts, and keep waste to a minimum. Our service knows how to apply just enough mudding on those seams each time without making it too thin or thick while also knowing how long that layer needs to dry before adding another one. Our pros are master-sanders who ensure a smooth finish with their skilled hands! You may DIY your next project but you’ll likely end up with wavy walls and noticeable seams and incorrect texture- not so if you let these professionals do their job for an affordable price that stays on budget! 

2. Drywall contractors bring the correct tools for your projects.

Hiring a drywall company is the smartest choice for anyone that needs their walls repaired. Drywall can be an overwhelming task to complete when you think about all of the different materials and tools required, not to mention the time it would take someone not experienced in these types of projects. With so many responsibilities outside of hanging up some new sheetrock, it’s understandable why customers would want someone else to do this work instead. Hanging on a scaffold or ladders may seem like small tasks but if you have any safety concerns then hiring professionals will alleviate these worries.

When you hire our company our team will bring everything we need from cutting blades and taping equipment plus sanders which are essential for getting rid of those annoying imperfections left by nails and other debris before the painting stage.

3. Our Services will save you time and stress

We are a drywalling company that offers services for both commercial and residential renovations. They have many years of experience in their field, which ensures you will get the best possible customer service from them at all times – whether it’s making precise measurements or straight cuts, they do everything with care to make sure quality is unsurpassed. All materials are taken care of too; when they’re wasted by inexperienced DIYers on messy jobs like this one, Calgary Drywall Doctors can guarantee no time consuming clean-up process necessary! Give these pros a call if you want your next drywall installation done right without worry about having to fix mistakes yourself afterward.

4. Let talk about insulation

There are many ways to save energy and money in the warmer months, especially during a time when your HVAC systems need more power. One way is through re-insulation of not only your attic but also walls and floors—and insulation professionals can help you estimate how much it’ll cost before getting started!

Installing insulation and sealing gaps between the floor, ceiling, and walls inside your home is part of the service we provide while working on your construction project.

Some of the types on insulation  we provide are


Spray Foam


Radiant Barrier

In addition to installing attic insulation, there are things you can do in your home that will help keep energy bills as low as possible. Talk with our professionals about what type of insulation is best for your house and get it installed correctly.

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Drywall installation is a tedious and time-consuming process. Even if you’ve hired the best companies or are an avid do-it yourselfer, it will be much more difficult to get that perfect result without access to all of the right tools. All this takes experience and a dedicated team which means hiring professionals won’t just save you hassle but also money too because these guys know what they’re doing when installing that pesky ceiling over your stairs. 

Our contractors also have a lot of experience with installation and repairing jobs which means they’ll be able to get your renovations done more quickly than you ever could on your own.

Calgary Drywall Doctors

We are a full-service, experienced drywall company that offers unmatched service and quality work in the industry. They provide:

– Drywall supply and install as per builder requirements

– Full insulation spectrum supply and install, including all spray foam, batt, blow—in 

  – All taping services from single to texturing ceilings or painting walls with finished sanding for touch up.

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